Saturday, April 08, 2006

Never sell yourself short

There will always be doubt and worry.

It's what you do or don't with either of those that makes all the difference. And we are all capable of far more than we can imagine on any average day. Thankfully, average days are very rare in New Orleans.

Last night, I discovered just how strong and similar love and insanity are. And, how each in their own ways can lead to the other. Doesn't each of us have to be a little bit insane to fall in love and stay there? And isn't love just it's own "special" kind of insanity?

Or maybe it was the fault of the pitcher of Margaritas that found its way into my blood stream. Who's to say?

All I know is that in the last 24 hours, I have learned more about my own ability to love...and go insane and come back...than I have in the whole entire rest of my life. And I have also learned that I have done some extraordinarily un-loveable things, and yet I still find myself being unconditionally loved by a very great man. Kinda takes my breath away.

"Love without reason, love without mercy, love without pride or unconcerned with being returned, no wisdom, no judgement, no caution, no blame. Not pretty or safe or easy, but more than I ever within reason--that isn't love...and I learned that from you." Stephen Sondheim's words from his stunning musical Passion.

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