Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not that the truth really matters...

In my arrogant hours prior to the arrival of Hurricane Katrina, I emailed everyone in my address book the following:

Hello, everyone...

I am emailing you from our fortress in New Orleans where we are very prepared to ride out the storm that is approaching the Gulf South. We made the decision to stay when the city made its mandatory evacuation order this morning at an unfathomable point--the interstates are so gridlocked and almost all the gas stations are already tapped. We have provisions for more than a week's stay here and several other people in the building with whom to pool resources and energy. The building itself is high and surrounded by other large strong buildings--this part of New Orleans is higher than most (not saying much, I know) but we are as safe as possible and could not rationalize trying to flee in the heavy traffic and find ourselves trapped on the interstate when the worst of the storm comes. And it will come...

This storm will have some major effects on South Louisiana, and we want to be here to be able to do something about it, rather than be trapped away from here for week or two, not knowing the state of affairs. Light those candles, say those prayers and keep a close watch on the news. I can be reached here as long as my work cell phone can be charged and that number is 504 *** ****. Please do not call in unnecessarily. Be assured that we will take no stupid chances and that we are in a position to make the best of what will likely be a very bad situation. I will contact everyone through email as soon as I can when there is news to tell.

It's going to being a long stretch here--be patient and I will be in touch as much as possible. Talk to everyone soon. Love, Ken

That was Sunday afternoon, August 28th, 2005. Dear God, what were we thinking?

The journey that would follow our decision to stay goes on...and now it's time to tell the whole story.

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Deep in the City Walls

How could you have known? Do not flagellate yourself for your human lack of foresight about a natural (unnaturally ferocious perhaps?) disaster. I read your Lament of New Orleans and was very touched. therapy or no, your writing is so emotive, so descriptive, and very raw.

Thank you for letting me share...
N in NY

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