Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goin' Out Walkin'...

We all do what we can.

Every morning that I can still get up and go to work is a great day.
Sunday, I will get out of bed, get dressed and then join several thousand of my nearest and dearest friends (sadly, SMID won't be there) for the 2007 NO/AIDS WALK.

This event, held yearly since 1990 with the exception of 2005 (for some strange reason), raises money for HIV/AIDS organizations, services and education in Louisiana. So, if you are in New Orleans Sunday morning and are looking for something to do - come join us. You don't even need to register or raise money - just Walk with us. Strength in numbers sort of stuff. Increased visibility is just that.

And despite what this and other previous administrations would like to think, the AIDS epidemic is not over, nor is going away any time soon.

Lucky for us, there's a "cold" front expected to move through this weekend after the remnants of Hurricane Humberto blow through. It'll be almost 90 degrees, but it'll be much less humid. Still reprehensible by the standards of my Yankee past, but less humid.

Our merry little band has already raised over $1600 as a team and the last minute arm twisting is about to start. If you can and are so inclined, you can sponsor us/me at my personal page for the Walk. If you'd like to join us for a 5K stroll, leave a note in my comments.

Any good thoughts and energy you can send out are greatly appreciated too. I am one of the fortunate ones - 16 years+ after diagnosis, I am still going strong.

And so I Walk.

Last year's WALK Team - Motley looking bunch, eh?

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soccer mom in denial

I think the one on the far left is the cutest of all!

Thank you for walking (in such HEAT).


I hope your walk goes well and that your health stays PERFECT. I lost my first writing mentor and one of the few people who got me through a fairly isolated childhood to AIDS in 1997. He was from Shreveport. Keep on walking...

painted maypole

Hey there. Well, the walk is over. Hope it was great (you had a lovely day for it, by LA standards!). and 16 years. fantastic. Keep on walking.


Hope you raised lots of monies!

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