Sunday, January 25, 2009

Separated At Birth? or Man in Drag?

OK, I cannot imagine why on earth any media outlet gives this vapid, duplicitous woman any airtime. Really, her opinion on just about everything should be largely disregarded.

Must have been nice to nearly destroy HP and still walk away with a 42 million dollar golden parachute. Can you tell I despise Carly Fiorina?

And, to clarify the title of this post: Is it just me (and The Beau, who first pointed this out and now I can't picture anything else) or does Carly Fiorina look like she could be VERY related to Martin Short? Like siblings, raised in different homes. How Parent Trap...

OR...could the personage of Ms. Fiorina be little more than another of Mr. Short's alter-eogs: like the incredibly offensive Jimminy Glick, or hearkening back a generation, Ed Grimley?

Either way, she gives me the creeps.

And I thought the McCain campaign had done a good enough job of throwing her under the bus...but apparently not.

Like Cher and the cockroaches post-apocolypse, she just keeps showing up.

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soccer mom in denial

Ack! I missed something in the news. Where is she?


She was on one of the many Sunday morning network news shows...spewing her usual nonsense.

Fortunately, one of the other people on the roundtable made some crack that went over her head...something about how the stimulus package could allow people to save for this, or pay off that or maybe buy a HP computer.

Fiorina missed it entirely. We were nearly wetting ourselves!

Flower Child

I want a job where I can drive a company into the toilet and then get paid millions to do so. where does one apply for such a job?

Jen of A2eatwrite

You know, I think you're right and that would explain it - definitely another of Martin's alter egos.

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