Monday, August 10, 2009

Promise of Living

I went to DCI Championships this past weekend.


The corps that did the most phenomenal, artistically powerful and subtle show did not win, but placed 2nd. They opened with a stunning arrangement of Aaron Copeland's The Promise of Living from The Tenderland.

When a video of their performance worth posting is available, I will put it up. Until then, here's is a lovely setting of The Promise of Living.

I was in tears after just their opener...and the show continued to get more spectacular. Kids, you are just amazaing and should be so proud of your performance this year.

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soccer mom in denial

Tears. Wow. It must have been amazing. Thanks for playing. I've made a special list for you.

Jen of A2eatwrite

Doesn't politics sometimes play into these championships? I think it does in many high school competitions, sadly. I'm really looking forward to seeing the video - what an inspiring piece of music! I really love Copeland.


Jen - very political. Like the French judge at the Winter Olympics and the Figure Skating debacle.

Oy. They went from Copeland to Bernstein and on. Stunning music and visually breathtaking.

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