Saturday, July 07, 2007

Glad to be wrong

I was off by two entire weeks. I am not sure this is something to celebrate, but I will happily admit to being wrong.

I wrote two weeks ago about New Orleans' soaring crime rate and its place as the current murder capital of the US...and about our personal losses this year. At the time, I inferred from the trend that we would tally our 100th murder of 2007 by that weekend.

I was wrong. That happened yesterday.


Note: Yes, it's been a tough year (actually going on two now). But. We are not walking around, heads down, on the verge of tears everyday. Just like anywhere else in the world, we have good and bad days. We live, we love, we fight, we die. The daily images (blue roofs, delapidated buildings, water lines, empty neighborhoods, etc.) are challenging reminders of what we've been through and continue to go through and what we will face for an immeasurable time to come.

Here's what I want from you, the reader, this week: Ask the questions you think you shouldn't ask. Ask the questions polite society tells you not to ask. Set your tact and civility aside for a while and either leave your questions in the comments or email me if you prefer anonymity.

Curiosity reigns. If you've ever wanted to know anything about New Orleans as it was during the time of Katrina and in the nearly two years since, it's all fair game.

It's time for me to exorcise some demons, and y'all can help.

Peace. Your Ambassador.

4 comment(s):

soccer mom in denial

So, do you only listen to show tunes?

Your favorite smart ass - SMID

soccer mom in denial

Oh, and what were your favorite activities as a kid?

Jenn in Holland

SMID is a wicked smart ass! (but that was funny--hahahahaha!)

I want to know all those nitty gritty details that you are so good at sharing.
Please tell it true and total.

I am actually at a loss for a specific question, but I am hungry to know more...

cathouse teri

Are you serious? You think I wouldn't just ask what I want to ask? :)

Nice invitation. Um... lemme think... what did you want to be when you grew up?

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