Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Things You Don't Hear

Sure, FEMA puts victims of Katrina and Rita into trailers that are patently unsafe (high levels of formaldehyde, etc). Glamorous stuff like that always makes the evening news.

The LRA announces that it'll run out of money long before all the 136,000 applicants receive a penny. (Estimates say that somewhere around recipient 84,000 the well will run dry.) You can bet the natives are blogging about that - as well they should.

Blighted, neglected homes are collapsing under their own weight and sadness. Could you stage a better photo op?

It's all so much more than that.

I'll be willing to bet real money than no one's told you about the more than 10,000 college students (and that's just the ones that registered with agencies) who gave up their 2007 Spring Breaks to come to the Gulf South and help with home-gutting and rebuilding.

That doesn't include the hundreds and hundreds of other college students who came here under the aegis of their churches, sleeping on Youth Room floors and physically changing the landscape so much for the better.

How come Anderson Cooper isn't all over that story? Young people, out in the world...doing good for no other reward than the joy of helping their fellow human.

Oh, kids these days...

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Jenn in Holland

Hooray kids these days! What an inspiring tribute Ambassador. so cool.


Because good news doesn't sell anything, Ken.

I wish it did.

soccer mom in denial

One of our interns did just that. She and her fellow students helped in an actual convent. Her stories were incredible.

Good news would sell if we demanded them.

aimee / greeblemonkey

That rocks! Thanks for telling us about it.

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Jenn in Holland

Where are you Ken? Where are you friend?
Wheeeeeeeeere Aaaaaaaaaare Yoooooooou?

(I miss you a little bit. Okay, a lot.)

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