Sunday, March 09, 2008

Damn Few

Allison is the friend for whom I will sleep on the floor.

Not the kind of friend. But. The. Friend.

Now, mind you, this is a beautiful cypress plank floor, just about a hundred years old, refinished innumerable times and worn in all the right places.

Beneath that floor is nothing. Buildings in this part of Louisiana are NOT insulated. Actually, below that beautiful floor was lots of cold air and occasionally the dulcet tones of two cats "in love". (I believe the phrase in Olde Disney-speak is "twitterpated".)

OK, so I had an airmattress on the floor - and was scant feet from a fabulous vintage, working gas fireplace. Still...floor.

To be fair, Soccer Mom offered repeatedly to switch places or share my big grown up bed that had no kids invading it before the crack of dawn.
Nope. It was her time to be (somewhat) spoiled.

It was a glorious week, despite some odd events at work and getting rained on whilst biking home. Old friends are worth the rain and the floor.

Because there were hugs involved here too. Many Hugs. You may have read about them here or here.

And a wonderful dinner where we had Old Friends meeting New Friends and...well, just getting each other like you'd hoped.

"Most friends fade,
or they don't make the grade,
New ones are quickly made
and in a pinch, sure, they'll do...
But us, Old Friend...
what's to discuss, Old Friend?
Here's to us!
Who's like us?
Damn Few."

Merrily We Roll Along
Stephen Sondheim

Oh, and these two old friends got together
for the first time in too many years.

It was a wonderful week...


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painted maypole

toot and puddle!

what a joy it was to meet you, and your friends were all fabulous and you were all so welcoming and what could be better than good conversation, good hugs, and a good mojito?

Flower Child

The floor! That is a true friend indeed.

soccer mom in denial

I love you.

While giving one of my guys a kiss goodnight he remarked "That is a beautiful necklace!" I got to tell him about how you caught glass beads at Mardi Gras and gave some to me.

"He gave them to you?" he said incredulously. Suddenly you have become the amazing friend in his eyes.

And you are.

cathouse teri

Damn. Good. Story!


Big smiles.

Alex Elliot

SMID is awesome!


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I just met her and I can see why.

I want to be Allison when I grow up.


Those two pigs are adorable!

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