Friday, February 29, 2008

I Can Hardly Sleep...

Soccer Mom is coming to visit me. I can bearly contain myself.

For those of you who don't know, SMID and I met in April of 1992 (holy crap, 16 years ago!!). And she rocks...

And, we discovered along the way that we'd been immortalized in a series of beautiful and touching children's books...Toot & Puddle.

If you don't know these books yet, please check them out. They're tender and lovely and stunningly illustrated by the ridiculously talented Holly Hobbie.

Yes, that Holly Hobbie.

Two friends, one filled with wanderlust, the other preferring the creature comforts of home.

Yup. That's us...Can you guess which one is which of us?

OK, that was too easy. But, now go read the books...and then read them to your kids if you have any.

And then be REALLY envious.

Because Soccer Mom is coming to stay with me.


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painted maypole

i read that book to MQ.

hoping to see you both soon....


I'm so jealous. She is coming to DC in April and I'm siked!

Jen of A2eatwrite

I love those books! And I hope you both have a fabulous time.

soccer mom in denial

It's snowing here. Those big wet, heavy flakes that just stick to you.

Little lady has a cough.

80 hours until I'm in the company of just adults. In warm weather. With alcohol. Il Mio Pudsio - I'm coming!!

Jenn in Holland

Wait a SMID coming to see you???
Why aren't you very excited about it???
Seriously, if it was me she was coming to see, I would like blog about it every day while I waited...

Oh, wait, silly me... that's not me... THAT'S YOU!!!!

Hey, I am so excited for you guys to spend the time together. Really, really, really. I know you will have a wonderful reunion. I also know you will talk about me and that will make me happy because then it will seem like I am there.
I really really wish I could be there...

soccer mom in denial

48 hours and my kids have hijacked the suitcase. Think there is a message?

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