Tuesday, February 03, 2009

How I spend my Saturdays...

From mid-January through late March, I spend most of my Saturdays on the road, traveling to LCGPC competitions.


That's the Louisiana Color Guard and Percussion Circuit, the organization that puts on the winterguard and drumline shows here. Just so happens that the Beau is the Executive Director for the Circuit...and I am their photographer.

Winterguard is indoor color guard - flags, rifles, sabers. Flashy costumes, great music, overly stylized movement and dance. How gay is that? (OK, so not quite as gay as rhythmic gymnastics, but close. At least this has weapons.)

So, indoors. School gymnasiums, mostly. No flash. Swiftly hurling bodies, some not so celestial.

Can you see the inherent challenge to a photographer? I like a challenge, but this?

So, I have my new camera and the new zoom lens that Himself gave me for Christmas. And patience...lots of patience in post-production.

Two weeks into competition and here are a bunch of my favorites:

Oh, and I've posted the best of each guard to my smugmug site for the kids to see (and for their grown-ups to order if they so choose). Does it make me a professional if 3 people (4 now!) have ordered prints of photos now? This is all so new to me...

And wicked cool...

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Jen of A2eatwrite

It IS wicked cool. What a great palette you have in those competitions. And you get to hear all that great drumline stuff, too!

WAY cool. I'm going to check out your site.

And sure - you're selling your stuff, people want to buy it? Sounds like professional to me. ;-)

painted maypole

slightly frightened by the angry girls in black crawling across the floor. not you mothers color guard. ;)


PM - Careful, those girls live near you. (Kidding, those are Lafayette kids...).

Every years there is at least one young female angst/anger show like that...and the unabashedly romantic stuff always seems to win out over them.

Jen - yes, the drumlines are phenomenal, if not quite as dynamic to photograph - tho' the young man strumming the guitar was quite photogenic! K

Jenn in Holland

You ARE a professional! Great work! Love the shots, and, yah, that's so gay!
(I love it!!)

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