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I love movies. I love music. And I especially love it when a director (and all the other parties involved) get it right in a movie, by combining the right music with the right scene and - wow!

Reaching into the Way-Back File, in 1990 (when I stilled had hair on the top of my head), I was asked out to the movies by this hot German au pair. Of course I said yes...did I mention he was hot?

So, he asked if I'd like to see Henry V starring Kenneth Branagh. I am certain I probably said something smooth and classy like, "uh-huh" as I starred into his dreamy blue eyes. So, off we went.

During the time we spent chatting before the movie started, I learned that he had aspirations to be a model, or model-actor...and had no other outside interests, abilities or talents. He had cultivated nothing but his looks. And, what he liked best about me was how handsome I thought he was...blech.

Thankfully, about that time the movie started - distracting me from how suddenly un-smitten I now was. Derek Jacobi took over and for the next 137 minutes, I was transported. I had my first introduction to Emma Thompson in this movie - sigh.

Then. Then came the Battle at Agincourt...

I remember sensing that something was coming. Something special. I just didn't know what.

Then. Then he spoke those words and one lone man starts singing the "Non nobis".

Within seconds, I was in tears - each chorus, each increasingly wider camera shot, each step across the battlefield. After walking across the field, carrying one of his fallen breatheren, Henry bends down to kiss him.

Years later, I cannot watch this scene without bawling - I don't see how anyone can me unmoved by this. (And yet the au pair was. Never saw him again after that.)

So, here is that scene. What movie/music combinations move you?

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soccer mom in denial

Wow. Just wow. I know I saw this movie but have no memory of this scene. Isn't it funny what we remember?

And WOW - how many Music Mondays now? And Singular Saturdays and others? Are you becoming a joiner in your old age?

The first time I saw A Room with a View was the first time I enjoyed opera and really GOT it. More recently the soundtrack for Slumdog Millionare just fits the movie perfectly. It deserves the accolades.

Jen of A2eatwrite

I still think Kenneth Branagh "gets" Shakespeare in a way few others do. I have to see this again. It's been way too long.

Just too sad and beautiful.

Jenn in Holland

Emma Thompson = perfection.
Sigh, indeed.

What a great post! I love Ken Brannagh and his work, most especially this film!

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