Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunset, Jackson Square

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jenn in holland

I know I generally start my comments with a superlative and an exclamation point so I restrained this time and will leave it for the end.
What a lovely place. Oh! Wow!

soccer mom in denial

Ahhhh.... now if only I had a sno cone. Or a to-go cup with a G&T?


This picture is gorgeous. If I come visit will you babysit my 2 year old so my husband and I can go out and play?

soccer mom in denial

While I cannot comment on your kid, and CAN say that Ken is one of the best surrogate Uncles around. The man doesn't babysit, he is a full on teacher, entertainer, cuddle-muffin AND chef.

And the kids are whipped having spent the day with him.



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