Friday, April 06, 2007

Those tricky cell phones

My boyfriend and I have many running jokes, one of which involves calling each other on the cell phone and asking "What are you wearing?" This actually started innocently enough after we discovered early in our dating days that we had similar wardrobes and had showed up to no less than 4 events/dates looking like twins whose parents dress them alike. And we both have shaved get the picture.

Now we ask it much more playfully, and if you know us, you understand that neither of us is drawn to salacious phone conversations. Usually it's just an indication that it's been a long day or difficult week and we're reaching that punchy state where everything is much funnier to us than the rest of the world.

It's been one of those weeks. A good friend of mine from Nashville (my evacuation boss) was in town last weekend, we've had numerous rehearsals and services to sing for Holy Week, and my BF is acting supervisor for the month. We both finally hit the wall last night, and decided that a mojito would set the evening on a much better keel (and living in the tropics, our mint grows rampantly). After talking on the phone briefly to make plans, my boyfriend called me back, having forgotten something.

Well, he tried to call back. accident, he selected my Contact entry for work instead of my cell phone...and my boss answered "Hello?" and of course BF asked, "What are you wearing?" Apparently there was some silence, until BF asked if this was Ken, at which point my boss erupted into laughter, saying no, I'd already left for the day...

This should make for an interesting workday today. Thankfully, my boss has a good sense of humor and knows the BF...isn't technology grand?

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soccer mom in denial

So what was your boss wearing?

More importantly, WELCOME BACK!! You've been missed.




First time visitor... I found you via the red-booted one above.



Flower Child

My husband and I do the same thing! And sadly, sometimes we do dress like twins. But really, we call and ask the question to hear the standard answer, "nothing".

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