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Being a Dad

Our guest writer today is Dale from What Ever You Want, Honey as part of The Blog Exchange (it's a lot of fun, you should check it out!) - meanwhile, your Ambassador is romping over at Dale's site. Glad to have you here today, Dale, and Cheers! Ken

In honor of Father’s Day, I decided to write a poem about my experiences. Most are not the norm, others are short melodramatic recounts of what happened and yet others are an edited version of what I was thinking.

Being a Dad
For as long as I can recall, my heart dreamed of having a child,
Not a boy to carry my name but a girl that’s sweet and mild.
Never the fanatic of all the ball games or of tinkering with some cars,
But of lying in a pastel field contently dreaming with the stars.

Then I wed my dearest friend, set off to foreign lands,
To relieve our discontented minds of the work done by our hands.
We worked hard and played a lot and failed a pregnancy or two,
Kept trying to conceive but to no avail, still childless and so blue.

A call came from someone I’d not talked to in years,
Who asked us a question that brought us both to tears.
We accepted her gift of a child, who was as of yet, unborn,
But fear of reprieve of this gift kept us somewhat forlorn.

Til the morning came a boy was born with a medical atrocity,
We welcomed him in our lives, “Still precious.” our philosophy.
He spent a month or more encapsulated in a wall of glass,
To touch him and stroke his face was all that we could ask.

The next few years became a blur as children grow so fast,
From doctor’s care to emergency rooms, it was such a blast,
Skinned knees, daredevil acts like running in front of cars,
Surprises me to this day that I din’t wind up in the bars.

Talks of manners and good conduct and how to treat a lady,
Asking the pastor on Sunday, loudly, about the creation of a baby.
Inquiring to me about Yu Gi Oh and then telling me I’m wrong,
Other quips and foibles that he spoke could be the content of a song.

With all the dangers and death’s close calls experienced by my son,
It’s a wonder he can still breathe, eat, sleep, play or even run.
Still all his pranks and tender hugs, makes me glad that he’s alive.
All this energy and quirkyness packed into a spirited boy of five.

I’m not superdad, the king of the world or a special breed of man,
I’m just a guy who has a son and is doing whatever he can,
To raise my boy in such a way to win the perfect bride,
So he can experience the joys of life with a child at his side.

As I was reading this to my wife and best friend, life happened. My son threw a major screaming tantrum, took off his shirt and whipped it around in circles like he was brandishing a whip and snapped it at my wife. Then proceeded to throw it in the air until it was stuck at the top of a cabinet.

Isn’t being a dad great?!


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About the Author:
By day, Dale Noles of www.WhatEverYouWantHoney.com, is an entrepreneurial business owner. By night, he is an up and coming blogger. Dale has many passions. He loves helping others create successful businesses, designing websites, writing, spending time with his wife and son but most of all he loves Jesus. Dale is never short on wisdom and feels that husbands can have better marriages if they care enough to get to know their wives.

7 comment(s):

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

Hey Dale (and Ken!)

Great poem (as always...) and you're doing a FINE job with the parenting thing... :)

Glad you participated this month!

soccer mom in denial

As a mother of twins who were also behind those walls of glass, kudos for finding the joy and acknowledging the struggles of our kids.

And in a poem no less!

Jenn in Holland

I believe you are a superdad!
That was just fabulous. And very touching!
And the last bit with the tantrum and the shirt whipping, hilarious!


great post!


It's so refreshing to get a father's perspective. This one was lovely.

Laura Lohr

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your experiences being a dad.


Oh, awesome! How great to have a dad perspective on this. Your wife is one lucky woman, and your son one lucky kid. Well done.

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