Tuesday, June 05, 2007


You just have to throw a little beauty out there.

I was so lucky to have a brilliant sunny day to run around my neighborhood last weekend, taking pictures randomly here and there...this is the result.

I don't have a space that is large/sunny enough for waterlillies, so I headed over to a local nursery and was stunned by their new collection. I especially like the one above, because it isn't perfect - notice the browning petals.

Have you ever seen this many gradations of yellow in one blossom?

Now, when I shot this last one, I was just kind of hoping something interesting might come of it.

I wasn't disappointed.

This is the interior of an Angel's Trumpet bloom. I wish the resolution translated better to the blog, becuase the original is unbelievable.

I love the fact that stunning flowers like this grow in the hot-house climate that is Louisiana - there is a certain defiant thriving-through-neglect aspect to their existence that appeals to the survivor in me. The fact that so much of nature is burgeoning down here - despite everything - gives me hope.

Ah, the Power of Beauty.


7 comment(s):

soccer mom in denial

You do love plants. And I agree with the thriving-in-neglect sentiment. Beautiful photographs - again.



Your photos are gorgeous. It's amazing...I keep being reminded that I need to stop and look at the beauty around me. This is now #1 on my to do list.


Stunning! Leaves me breathless.

Jenn in Holland

I love these shots. Especially that last. It looks like tissue... just stunning.
Love it when you post!

cathouse teri

Hello lovely!
GORGEOUS photos!!


I absolutely love the last one of the Angel Trumpet's Bloom. Gorgeous.

I want a big secret garden.


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