Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today's Other Holiday

On this day in 1976, my 2nd grade teacher announced to the class that we'd be learning about a very special holiday that day. I thought, "Wow, she must be really smart! How in the world could she know that today is my parents' anniversary?!?!?"

Oh. Flag Day.

I was modestly disappointed, but it did give me a cool way of remembering both holidays.

When my parents divorced in 1980, I started marking the day differently..."If they'd stayed married, this would be their Nth Anniversay. The weirdest one for me was when we hit 23 years since the divorce - just as long as they'd been married

Both of my folks have remarried, Dad for 24 years and Mom for 1 year next month - what can I say, she's a particular kind of gal. I really like both of my step-parents, and there was a time in my college years that I got along better with my step-mom, Myra, than either Mom or Dad. Funny, that.

Today is Flag Day. And if my parents marriage had stood the test of time, this would have been their 50th Anniversary.

You know what? It's ok that it didn't. Life moved on, love came again to both of them in time, and it was by far the right decision for them and for the family.

Happy _____ Day, Everyone.

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Jenn in Holland

Huh. You had me stumped. I couldn't have guessed Flag Day today. It's not just that I didn't know it was today, I think I completely forgot it was a holiday!
But no matter, here's to love and more love and life moving on!
Cheers friend.


I didn't know today was flag day.

And 50 parents just hit 40 this year!!

cathouse teri

I'm gonna make it Happy Fucker's Day. I like that. :)

soccer mom in denial

I never knew about Flag Day until I moved to our very parochial/patriotic town which has a parade through the middle of town on the actual day regardless of what day of the week it falls on.

So Happy ---- Day, a bit late. And, psst - you're the only one I visited today while on vacation. Cuz I love you.


I have no idea what flag day is, but I know that my parents didn't do us kids any favours by staying in a marriage that was deader then a doornail. Looking back, maybe that is what made us all have the great mariages that we do.


Happy Day to you, too, Ken!

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