Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fag Hag in Training

In honor of my dear sweet friend Soccer Mom in Denial, I want to share a moment from this weekend. It struck me as especially appropriate, considering her post today.

We stepped into a local watering hole to cool off - and to mark the official start to summer with a Huge Frozen Separator. These things are Heaven in a cup. Separators are not daquiris, but more like a really good, somewhat lethal frozen White Russian. With whipped cream on top. And a cherry. Not something you can chug, but must work slowly at, forcing you to slow down and cool down all at once. Just be careful how they sneak up on you, especially the 2nd one. Socccer Mom's had more than one Separator in her lifetime...

Relaxing. Chair Dancing. Huge Frozen Separators. People Watching.

Oh, the people watching in the French Quarter is always a treat, but even more so during major holidays. This particular watering hole has enormous doors, flung open to the elements with nothing to hide and AC to spare. From our perch, we'd seen lots of different kinds of families trot on by, some of them brave enough to look in and notice that there were mostly men in the bar - and that of the few women, some of them looked like men. And today, lots of families with lots of kids.

But she was my favorite.

A young girl of maybe 7 years was bopping down the sidewalk with Mom, Dad and big brother. Just as they got to the corner next to the bar and were preparing to cross the street, the music changed.

The girl turned on a dime and started moving. Really moving.

Mom tugged at her hand to come along. Dad admonished her to stay close to him.

Hah. Nice try, folks.

"Hey! I am dancing here! And. Oh. My. God. It's KYLIE!"

OK, I don't know where a 7 year old learns to worship Kylie Minogue, but her parents at that point saw the wisdom of letting her dance it out right there and then. Talk about a young lady who's well on her way.

To what, I can't really say, but I bet she'll have fun on the way.

Of course, her folks did also manage to find their way into the bar and into the world of Huge Frozen Separators. The music changed again and off they went.

"Hey! I'm dancing here!"

We should all be so firm in our conviction to dance.

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Jenn in Holland

Ah, this is just so!
I went into my friends classroom today to do a little dancing with the students and we had such a blast as we worked through my standard line up of folk dances for kids. Ending with s whole free-style boogie together. It was a blast. As I told them today, There is NO situation where it's not a good idea to dance!

soccer mom in denial

Thanks for the shout out.

I think that girl knows my daughter. Her current favorite song is Tide is High and she sings it very well. Seriously, the parents at the parochial school turn their heads as she sings to herself waiting for her brothers to show up.

Heh-heh. My 3-year-old doing a Blondie impersonation. I couldn't be prouder.


Dancing in inappropriate places is EXACTLY what people should do more often.

I once had a girlfriend that I would dance with in the grocery store... we were applauded more than once.

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