Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Prayer for Tomorrow

You may already know, but tomorrow, June 1, is designated as the official start to the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane season. Sounds more like a sporting event, eh?

I have a favor to ask of all of you. Seriously. I know recent posts of mine have tended toward the frivolous and absurd, but this is it. No kidding around now.

Do whatever works for you - light a candle, sing a song, hug your child closer, say a prayer, ring a bell, dance nude, plant a tree, meditate - whatever it is, we'll take it. Whatever it is you do that brings you closer to whatever it is in this universe that's more powerful than us - do it now.


Last year was about making a stand in New Orleans, and all the Gulf South - Damn it! We're home and no one can take that away from us. The adrenaline alone carried us along very nicely, thank you. (OK, some spite too, the kind that comes from daring to succeed despite the government's best attempts to prevent it.)

Somehow, this year is scarier because it's just about making it through. We need to make it through this season. We have to make it through. We have to.

And that's where you come into the picture. You want to help? Say a prayer tomorrow.

And then again every day until this season is over.

It's posts like this that just tumble out that make me realize that I never quite honestly answer some of those interview meme questions - I first answered what's your worst quality? by saying it was Procrastination - and let me tell you, that puppy is up there in teh rankings. But really, it's not even close to the truth. The worst?

It scares me/breaks my heart/crushes the brave good man in me to have to ask for help. I am at my worst.

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cathouse teri

My well wishes are with you.

I would also like to request some channeled good and strong energy. (I don't use the word prayer. I mean, you know, except for just now when I used it to say I don't use it. hee hee)

Saturday, I am meeting with a young woman who has allowed herself to be put into an abusive situation. And if that's not bad enough, her little four year old daughter is in it with her. I am meeting with her to bring it all into the light.

It was the powers of the universe that gave me this much unwanted job, and so I shall expect all of you universally to let said universe know that you want all of the necessary energy thrown into that situation! :)

Jenn in Holland

I think I shall choose to dance naked. And light a candle for NOLA.
Thanks for asking. I am glad you put it out there.
Blessings on wing.

And for you cat? Same as above, with the blessings on wing part.

soccer mom in denial

NOLA is in my thoughts, every day.

I want the city rebuilt.

I want all the people to return.

I want folks to be safe.

I want hurricanes to stop.


I'll dance naked, later, Ken.... as doing so in my office might lead to gunfire.

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