Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is my first season singing with the New Orleans Symphony Chorus, and it's Show Time tonight. We will be performing Carl Orff's less-than-modest work, Carmina Burana.

Wow. Big music, exhausting exhilarating BIG music. Adrenalin. Goosebumps. And by the end of the weekend, shredded wheat for vocal cords. Oh, and I still have to show up on Sunday to sing in rest for the wicked.

It's been a whole lot of fun learning this piece, but getting to know the other Chorus members has been a wonderful side benefit. Many of them also sing at churches around the Metro area - it's a great town for all kinds of musicians.

I didn't grow up around a lot of Catholics (pre-Canada is Protestant country), and so I will confess (yes, pun intended) to the occasional inappropriate response to some church names - the first time I heard Our Lady of Prompt Succor, I giggled for weeks.

I learned a new one last week that reduced to laugh-tears: Church of the Holy Comforter. Well, in the wrong hands, this went south quickly - think of the accessories to go along with a Holy Comforter: you'll need Sacred Pillows, the Blessed Linens...and, of course, a simply Divine Dust Ruffle!

My new Catholic friends in the Chorus were not amused.

Too bad. I'm still giggling.

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cathouse teri

Well then they need to develop a sense of humor, that's all!

soccer mom in denial

If NOLA Catholics don't have a sense of humor - NO ONE does.

Oh wait, my in-laws are NOLA Catholics. Pre-Vatican II at that. Humor is lacking even before the storm.

Never mind.

But I'm giggling with you. Don't forget the Heavenly Mattress Pad.


Too cool! I sang Carmina a few years ago when I lived in Melbourne, FL, and now that I'm in south Florida I'll be singing it next year with the Master Chorale of South Florida! I can't wait to do it again ... with a real chorus, a real orchestra, and a real director (in a real concert hall)!

Oops, did I say that out loud? ;)

Anyway, congrats!

(Did we meet in New Orleans? I was one of the First Draft Krewe ...)


Teri, it's amazing what's off-limits to joke about with some people...hmmm, talk about needing to lighten up.

SMID, I think I would have satifactorily insulted your in-laws, gleefully at that!

Sinfonian, Thanks for visiting! I don't recognize First Draft Krewe - but it is possible we've met, as that happens all the time to me. We are about 80 strong (and decent balance - last night's concert rocked!), the orchestra tightened up a lot, and the conductor (Carlos Miguel Prieto) was ASTOUNDING! Sadly, all the major performance halls are still in post-K disrepair, so we were in Toura Synagogue - a small, but lively place for singing this. Cant' wait for Saturday. BTW, I've been enjoying your political rants and blatantly stole Drunky McStagger for one of my blogs - thanks! Ken


First of all....I'm not a nut. I saw your post on Jodi's blog. I am singer/songwriter. Last year, my studio recorded a song called "I'm New Orleans". We have not been able to get anyone to pick it up and use it. Would you please give it a listen. Its me please forgive any imperfections. It can always be recorded. If you want to hear it go Maybe you know of someone that could get some use out of it as an aid in boosting tourism. Thank you.


This Catholic here can see the humour and laugh about it too...


Ah well... funny is funny!


If God had been fair he would have given me a great singing voice, too.

That has nothing to do with this post, I just thought I'd throw it out there.

I heart Stephen Sondheim, too. :)

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