Friday, May 18, 2007

Shadow & Light II

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soccer mom in denial

My mouth is hanging open.

That. Is. Simply. Stunning.




What kind of camera do you use?


Thanks! It's actually a really inexpensive HP Photosmart M415 - Macro is what it does best. I love photographing my plants...can you tell? Ken


I keep trying to email you back from the comments you leave on Jodifur, but you don't have your email listed.

So yes, I am ready for my eating tour of NOLA. Just let me lose 10 pounds so I can gain them back!

Jenn in Holland

so lovely.
That one needs to be enlarged and hung above my couch.
Really lovely.
The light is just inspirational.

cathouse teri

Sexy! Can I have it printed and framed and hanged up in my apartment?

(hanged up?)


I am the person who is doing the blog exchange with you. Please contact me with your e-mail address. Mine is


Hi, Ambassador,

We have a lot of e-friends in common, but for some reason this is my first time here. I have to say that this photo is amazing. I'm glad that I finally made the journey over here. Just TRY to keep me away now! :-D

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